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你知道加拿大的愛華德王子島嗎? (英文: Prince Edward Island), 它的面積有多大? 這個島約有幾多人? 那些人主要以什麼工作為生? 冬天他們做咩? 他們距離大城市有多遠? 請詳細回答! 我想去那裹旅遊, 若跟旅行社去最近的城市是哪一個?

do you know that about Prince Edward Isaland, it is a part of canada, can you tell me that how big the island is?and how many people living there? and how about their work?what do they do in winter?how long does it take to modern city from the island?,please reply me with full answers, your answers would be helpful for me! thanks.

you can use chinese.

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    Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest and greenest province. Cradled on the waves of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Island is known for the vivid colours of its gently rolling landscape. Prince Edward Island is surrounded by miles of sandy beaches and red sandstone cliffs and is sized just right for touring。 Population - 138,000 。Major industries - agriculture, tourism, fisheries 。 Cities - Charlottetown and Summerside。There are 7 towns - Alberton, Cornwall, Georgetown, Kensington, Montague, Souris and Stratford. 。Land Area - 280 km (175 miles) from tip to tip. Total land area 5,656 sq km (2,184 sq mi) 。

    To be sure, a tour of Prince Edward Island will be a feast for all the senses, and the visual experience will be one that will persist in your memory long after you have returned home. You will find yourself thinking back to the Island particular combination of brilliant and complementary colours, the lay of the land that rolls on in gentle, tended waves and the light that can only be "island" light that both softens and intensifies the scenes so specific to Prince Edward Island。

    There is no direct flight to PEI you can check with Air Canada.

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