line manager and hr manager

Where would overlaps occur in compensation?????



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    According to M Porter's Value Chain model 1985

    There are no overlaps in compensation of the two different types of manager in an organization.

    Line managers in line departments are those business managers of different functions from in charge of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and sales service, all activities within this boundary are called the value chain, which steps are adding value to become finished goods (products and service). The compensation and remuneration of these managers are being paid according to his performance and how much profits can be brought in the company

    While HR managers are the supporting staff in the organization, they are called staff managers in staff departments. Their duties are to support all line departments and managers of whole company to recruit, to train quality personnel for related business duties and tasks, and also to motivate all employees in line departments for performing high quality business activities and resulting to high revenue and profit. The compensation and remuneration of HR managers could not be able to be anchored with financial results of each line department directly, but their compensation would be usually connected to the financial result of whole company because of it is difficult to measure the qualitative duty and tasks of HR managers.

    There are some overlaps in compensation of the two different types of manager in an organization

    However, some companies would connect what compensation of HR managers and departments should be paid that is according to the financial result of each line department and with apportion to each reward of line mangers.

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