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what position should i play??

what position should i play?

i am in Canada now...and i play basketball with the Canadians every day...


hight:178 cm



skills statistic:

lay up(上籃):85%

free throw(罰球):85%

3 point:65%


block shot :75%


speed(速度):not too fast but not too slow..kind of middle


plaease give me some explaination and tell me what should i focus on or improve..thanks

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    You can be a good SF if you:

    can increase your percentage of lay up, ft to 90%

    grow a bit taller (183cm) & weight 175p (it's not easy to add 55p)

    Your other skills are good enough as a forward, if you stay with your weight & height as you are now, then you better be a point guard instead.

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    according to your information, you are a good basketball player, you are very tall as i am 14, but only 183. However, you are too light to play center, then let play SF, i think it is a way for u to go on with.