F.3 Physic-heat-internal energy

Q1 What is internal energy?

Q2 Why the internal energy of an iceberg is greater than a cup of hot water (90C)

O3 Why is the ststement"temperature measures the internal energy of a body" is false?

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  • 1 十年前

    Q1 Internal energy is the sum of all energies in a body(kinetic+potential). Whenever a body absorbs heat, its internal energy increases. Like other forms of energy, internal energy is measured in Joule.

    Q2 Internal energy does not only depend on temperature, but also on the body's mass. An iceberg is much heavier than a cup of water. Therefore, the internal energy of an iceberg, although temperature much lower, is greater than that of a cup of hot water.

    Q3 Internal energy depends on not only temperature(which affects internal kinetic energy), it also depends on the spaces between the particles(which affects internal potential energy) and mass of that object(which affect number of particles), because internal energy is the sum of KE and PE of the particles in that object. So "temperature measures the internal energy of a body" is false and temperature actually measures the average kinetic energy of an object.

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