any tour for elderly

any tour for elderly in Asia, less sightseeing, more relax time, less walking

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  • 32¢XF
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    1 十年前

    I think beach resort is suitable for you.Because you can relax. The suitable resort in Southeast Asia is in Malaysia.The reason in there are really peaceful when compare with other resort in Thailand or Indonesia. Actually resort in Thailand or indonesia is good , but not really suitable for you,there sometime is noisy , full with sex activity and too many tourist.Espeacially in Phuket Island.So ,i think you can go to Pangkor Laut Resort(Perak , Malaysia) , but there are little expensive(I find in and the lowest price for it is about 1600HKDolar).However there is a private island,and also the top 10 best resort around the world! There got the best landscape and beach. And there got many chinese right there.

    資料來源: Actually you can go to Yahoo! Travel(US ) to find some suitable tour for you.