yahoo 係商業市場上成功的地方

why yahoo can success in internet market?

how did yahoo do the marketing strategy?

what is the process?

what problem did yahoo face?

did yahoo use market mix? (4Ps~product, price, place, promotion)


plx dun copy the resources from yahoo history

i want know sth about yahoo business

thx all

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  • C How
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    1 十年前

    Yahoo!'s Internet Marketing Strategy

    Yahoo!'s Internet Marketing Strategy. In recent months Yahoo! has been spotted signing big names to head up portions of their web site and provide valuable. content. They signed correspondent Kevin Spites to head up a "War Web site" ... Engine_Internet_Marketing_Strategy.pdf

    Max Blumberg Positioning Game: Yahoo Strategy

    Positioning and marketing strategy. ... by reading the very small print seems underhand. Not what I expected from Yahoo. yahoo strategy; yahoo marketing strategy. ...