what is the difference between V6 & 直4 engine

except: cost, speed , effeciency , maintain value/cost

Any expert know the answer?


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    1 十年前

    I will tell you the one you said to be excepted

    直4 is well -balanced,

    V6 is make smaller noise, smooth for the power

    Obviously, V6 have more power than inline 4, due to 6 cylinders to 4 cylinders!

    any further informations e-mail me!

    資料來源: an automobile engineer worked in Hyundai
  • 1 十年前

    in-line 4 is less popular now, mostly for small size car

    V-6 typically can deliver more power.

    The distance from each cylinder of a V-6 engine to the drive shaft is more even/shorter so the efficiency of a V-6 is better than in-line 4.