how to increase the product quality

i am doing a assisnment on retail

the topic is adidas

can u help me to identity how to increase the product quality

can give adidas be a example??????


i need your help so much

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    By doing the followings, the product quality in adidas must be increased:-

    Design review

    After designers draft the product on drawings, the design must be reviewed in terms of product constructions, raw materials, fitting, production techniques, product safety, manufacturabilty, machines and equipments, etc. For examples, 1. a sweater may not be able to produced due to the buttons selected would not be available in the market. 2. A sweater cannot be waterproof if they selected the wrong material. 3. One pieces of samples can be made by designer but they cannot be produced during the mass production in the production lines. 4. The zipper may be very sharp which can cut the skin.

    During the design stage, design review must be done with different people in different department such as design, engineering, merchandising, production, quality deparments. They can find out all the problems at the earliest stage in order to have due diligence.

    Sample review

    Samples review is similar to what they have been reviewed in the design review. However, the only difference is that they must review the samples instead of the drawings.

    Sometimes, reviewing the product is better than reviewing the pictures as human being can judge problems easier if they have the actual samples.

    Selection of vendors

    Selection of appropriate vendor is very important if you are working in adidas. Good vendor has its perfect quality system which can control all the manufacturing processes by the vendor but not adidas as defects are producing by the vendor/factory. Inspection can only help to identify the defects but not removing the defects.

    Selection of vendors must based on set criteria in Adidas:-


    Pass SA8000 social compliance (i.e. no child labor, no prison labor, meet the local labor laws, provide good environment for workers, etc.)


    Technical evaluation is also important. This can help to access the vendor capability. For examples, in the design review, some of the process must be produced by certain specific machines. If the factory does not have this machine during the evaluation, this will be a high chance these process will be subcontracted to other factories which increase the difficult in controlling the process.

    3. Price

    Price is another important criteria in selecting a vendor. Nowadays, the price quote is very open and vendors normally provide a cost breakdown for a product if you work in Adidas. All overhead and material cost or even the profit has been given during the quoting process. If the price quote for a vendor is too low, it must have problem and the risk of having a poorer quality will be expected. For examples, if you have specified to use 450gsm cloth in the specifications, vendor may use 400 gsm when they produce the product.

    Evaluation of factories

    Social compliance aduit and technical evaluation must be conducted before order placement. Make sure the factory can fullfill the Adidas factory aduit requirements.

    Raw material product quality inspection

    Fabric inspection when the fabrics arrive the factory must be carried out. Check the color, weights, and see if they have defects on the fabrics.

    Incoming material inspection

    Other incoming material inspection must be carried out before the production starts. If the material is not good, they must return to its vendors.

    In process inspection

    During production, semi-finished parts must be inspected based on AQL or percentage according to the company policy and inspection plan.

    Final inspection

    Final inspection must be carried out in the warehouse of the factory using AQL according to the inspection plan.


    Testing must be carried out in different stages. Sampling, before production start, during production and after production.

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    Firstly, you have to identity what customer 's needs and the satisfaction level towards the products as well as to found out the problems of products itself thru the production line. Therefore, u have to conduct marketing research to check how customers's feel about your exiting products and opinions of new innovation(what they want to have in the future ). meanwhile, you also have to doing analysis on how well of your production technologies, labour and cost work together in the production proccess (in order to know how well you can make the cost effective ).

    If the markerting research implies that customer dislikes a certain product line (eg. adidias new series of sports shoes) and if it is also supported by the sales record that that particular series are really unpopular (not much people purchased), then u have to consider the opinions of customers ( Why they dislikes the products, eg, style? materials? images?) ---------------------------------Then, in the next design, try to improve the product quality according to customer's needs and wants .

    HoweverU have to concern about whether your existing technology , machineries can supported the new design or not..(eg. airbags/ special printing pattern, spinning pattern for clothes etc) If not, u have to first invest and explore new machineries and technology before u can improve the quality of product. but in a business point of view, the improving of qualities always conern with the balance of cost too.