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(10分) anna siu ,giogio armani 及 agnes b 的歷史 ?

(10分) anna siu ,giogio armani 及 agnes b 的歷史 ?

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    In 1997 the venerable display firm, Pucci debuted a wonderful collection of mannequins designed by Anna Sui, now available to stores worldwide. Pucci is known for its hip collaborations (Ruben Toledo, Andrée Putman, Jeffrey Fulvimari, Veruschka). Anna had always collected antique hat forms with naive painted faces. When she opened her first boutique in 1992, Anna and some of her friends fashioned dozens of paper mache "dolly heads" in the style of those original flea-market heads. These handmade versions still live at the Anna Sui boutiques, decorating the counters and displaying accessories. Very quickly, the "Dolly Head" became a signature for Anna Sui. The Pucci collection offers recreations of the countertop hat form "Dollies" and also full-body versions. The mannequins retain Anna's original details: lace chokers, beauty marks, eye patches, Sally Bowles-hair styles and lavender and pale green skin. Little-known fact: actress/model Michele Hicks posed for the sculptor who developed the body of the Pucci/Anna Sui mannequin.

    agnès b.簡介

    一家於全球共有12間分公司的國際公司  //  另於巴黎有1間工作室

    2間藝術畫廊/書店  //  1間電影製作公司  (Love Streams productions agnès b.)  //

    1份藝術刊物  Point d'Ironie  //


    Giorgio Armani is the world's second largest selling designer (the first is Ralph Lauren) who sells approx. $ 2 billion per year retail. His products are sold in over 100 countries. He has reached this position because everyone looks fabulous when they wear Armani, they feel so confident, so chic and yet so utterly themselves. It is like magic. He is the magician.

    1934 Giorgio Armani was born in Piacanza, Italy, an industrial town about 20 miles south of Milan. He was the son of Marie and Ugo Armani. His father was a transport manager for a shipping company. His mother made all the family's clothes. The family traces some Austrian ancestry..

    He studied medicine at the University of Bologna from 1952 to 1953. Then he studied photography.

    Armani joined the Military service from 1953 to 1954.

    1954 His first job was as a window dresser in the La Rinascente departmental store, in Milan. After working some time, he found that his window arrangements were too radical for his superiors, so they moved him to the purchasing department, where he learnt how to select fabrics. He became Junior Buyer.

    1964 He left La Rinascente and joined Nino Cerruti where he worked as a designer for his menswear company Hitman.

    197O Armani started a company with his friend Sergio Galeotti, who was an architectural draftsman. For five years, they freelanced with various manufacturers and designed for others. He made womens clothes for Tendresse, mannish coats for Gibo, a ready-to-wear house in Florence and also made two menswear collections for Emanuel Ungaro, from whom he learned the good cutting technques he needed.

    1974 Giorgio held the first show in his own name.

    1975 Giorgio Armani launched his own label with the founding of the Giorgio Armani Company. He also started ready-to-wear and Armani Junior, his children's line. In these days he drove a blue Porsche car.

    1979 He started his Mani collection of less expensive wear for women and and Le Collezione collection for men. In this year, he also designed clothes for Richard Gere In the movie "American Gigolo" and received the Neiman Marcus Award.

    1981 Giorgio Armani opened his Emporio Armani line. He started his Armani Jeans line. He also started his first Armani Express Restaurant, Which he later branched out into many others.

    On April 5th 1982, Giorgi was on the cover of Time Magazine. He was the first Italian designer to be so honoured, and only the second after Dior. Armani started his Fragrance Company, and introduced the perfumes :



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