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    Hilary Erchard Duff was born in Houston, Texas on 28 September, 1987. Her dad, Bob Duff, owns a chain convenient store. And her mother, Susan Duff, is a producer. Hilary lived with her parents and her sister, Haylie Duff.

    Hilary Duff went to school in Texas when she was little, she was an athlete and very active. But later when her house was rented for movie filming, she was fasinated by movies. She wanted to be an actress. That was when they moved to Los Angeles to audition for roles in commercials, movies, and tv roles.

    Hilary then landed her first big role in Casper Meets Wendy when she was eleven. She was starred as Wendy, and the movie was successful. Then she got the part in Daddy-O, but she did not make it to the new episode. Later, she had the role that changes her life, the Lizzie McGuire. She was a hit then, and did very well in the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack. She decided to be both an actress and a singer.

    The Lizzie McGuire Movie was the second film Hilary starred. Then, Agent Cody Banks, A Cinderella Story, Cheaper By The Dozen, Raise Your Voice, and the Perfect Man released in the following years. This year, Material Girls and Cheaper By The Dozen 2 were released.

    Hilary released her Christmas album, Santa Claus Lane, in 2002. Later, she released her first singles in 2003, So Yesterday and Come Clean, they were very successful, it attracts both Lizzie McQuire fans and new listeners. Hilary then released her first personal album, Metamorphosis, in 2003. It was a hit album. Later, Hilary's next albums, Hilary Duff and Most Wanted on the next two years. And this year, Play With Fire, and With Love, are released as singles

    Hilary's clothing, stationary, and home appliances line Stuff By Hilary Duff are very popular, and Hilary Duff is the CEO of the whole HD International Inc. And now she launches her new fraguance, With Love...Hilary Duff, which is quite a success.

    Hilary was a charter member of Kids With A Cause in 1999 and continues to offer support to this worthwhile organization whenever she can. She also donates many meals to USA Harvest.

    Hilary's first love was Aaron Carter, they dated for one year and half. Later, she dated Frankie Muniz and Jordan Masterson, but both the relationships didn't last long. Her longest relationship is with Good Charlotte lead singer, Joel Madden. But this year, they split up. And that ended their two year relationship.

    This young and energetic nineteen-year-old, is getting better and better. Hilary is active, helpful, a talented singer, song writer, actress, designer and CEO is getting a bigger empire than anyone. And expect more from Hilary Duff.

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    希拉蕊•達芙Hilary Duff











    Hilary landed the role in 2001 and the show was so popular on both Nickelodeon and ABC that they made it into a feature film. The Lizzie McGuire Movie hit theaters in May 2003 and was an instant success. Unfortunately, Hilary Duff and Disney couldn't agree on her salary or other contact issues, so Hilary left Disney to do other things. The Lizzie McGuire Show can still be seen in reruns.

    Hilary Duff - A Cinderella Story

    Since Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff has been unstoppable. She's launched her own clothing line (Stuff by Duff), landed several roles in movies like Agent Cody Banks, A Cinderella Story and The Perfect Man, and has topped the charts with her catchy tunes. In August 2006, you can catch both Hilary and her sister Haylie in the new flick, Material Girls - they even covered Madonna's track Material Girl for the movie's soundtrack.

    Hilary Duff - Did U Know?

    Hilary Duff is dating Joel Madden of Good Charlotte.

    Hilary Duff is scheduled to release a new album on November 21, 2006 which will feature her new single, Play With Fire!

    Hilary Duff has released several albums including her greatest hits disc, Most Wanted.

    Hilary Duff is a spokesperson for the charity, Kids With A Cause.

    You can hear Hilary and sister Haylie on the track, Our Lips Are Sealed, from the Cinderella Story soundtrack.

    Hilary Duff has two dogs named Lil' Dog and Remington.


    As Hilary was becoming a film and television star, she was also launching a recording career. Her first album Metamorphosis was #1 on the Billboard 200 and went on to sell more than 2 million copies with the #1 single So Yesterday. Hilary's latest album Most Wanted debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and was #1 in Canada and #8 in Japan. Her hit single Wake Up was the #1 video on MTV TRL and the #1 single on Radio Disney and AOL. Her second single Beat of my Heart's video was also #1 on MTV TRL. Hilary's concert tours here in the States, Canada and Australia always sell out and she has plans to tour abroad soon in Japan and just finished her music promotion tour through Europe.

    ●Fashion , home and beauty●

    Hilary launched her fashion and home label stuff by Hilary Duff in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand and plans to expand into new categories and new territories around the world. Recently, she announced the launch of her teen designer brand Hilary Duff with the announcement of the first product launch imminent. She plans to launch a juniors line Fall 2007 in the U.S. and abroad.

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