LCCI 的會計中級要考乜Topic?

可否list要考的 topic出黎,同埋我想自已去報幾錢到?唔該

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  • Anchel
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    - final account for sole trader, partnership, non-trading org., limited company- adj. for final a/c- depreciation- pro. for bad debts- capital and revenue expenditure- fixed and current assets- trial balance- correction of error (may or may not affect the agreement of trial balance)- distinction b/w personal, real and nominal account- trade and cash discount - bank reconciliation- double-entry book-keeping- journals, cash and bank- ledger account of partnership (formation, goodwill, admission/retirement of  partner, dissolution.)- limited company- control accounts- consignment account- branch account, excluding foredgn branches- manufacturing account- incomplete record- bills of exchange (receivable and payable) - treatment of provisions and reserves- stock valuation- accounting ratio如果根據番最新既價錢, 中級會計考試費係$515.