What's the story of Winx-Club about?

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  • 1 十年前

    Having discovered she has magical fairy powers, Bloom travels from Earth to Alfea School for Fairies to learn how to perfect her awesome skills. Teamed up with her best friends, Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla, and Tecna, the six members of the Winx Club must juggle their school work and the fate of the universe all while looking fab!

    After surviving their first year at Alfea and conquering the wicked witches Icy, Darcy, and Stormy and the Army of Decay, the Winx Club now has to contend with ultra evil Lord Darkar. Fortunately, the each member of the Winx Club is now member of the Winx Club is now bonded with a very special pixie. The adorable pixies help the Winx Club through their studies at Alfea, romances with the heroes, and battles with the witches.

    Icy, Darcy, and Stormy have left Cloud Tower School for Witches to join wicked Lord Darkar of Shadow Haunt in his quest to open the Realm of Realix. With super powers from the Gloomix bling Lord Darkar gave them, the witches are more powerful then ever. Eager to collect four Codex hidden at Alfea, Cloud Tower, Red Fountain, and the mysterious Pixie Village, Lord Darkar and the Witches will stop at nothing in their plot to take over the universe.

    The Winx Club is aided in their battle with Lord Darkar and the witches by the super hunky heroes of Red Fountain. Tremendously brave heroes in training, Prince Sky, Brandon, Riven, Timmy, and Helia, help the Winx Club with their skills as trained fighters and their expertise at tactics. Even without magical powers, the heroes are always there to help with Winx Club win!

  • 1 十年前


    winx club is about a girl call bloom one day she met Stella in Gardenia who was fighting against Troll then she discovered that she have magic powers

    After that Stella( the moon and sun fairy)bring her to Alfea !

    Then she met some friends ( Musa Tecna Flora )

    then through lots of things she discovered that her sister's name is diaspro ! and she is the princess of domino . also she find out that she is not the baby of her both parents in gardenia they just adopted her!

    and she (bloom) know some of the specialists( Brandom Riven, Timmy,Sky )

    and know the truth of prince sky and brandom

    THe witches( ICY DARCY STORMY) they wanted to take the dragon flame that was kept by BLOOM .but finally she know that just she can own the dragon flame and decided to take it back!

    THe second episode:

    The winx have a new member ( layla) and some pixies with them





    Bloom( lockette)


    and in order to get the charmix they went to the trip and during the trip they all do well and can get the charmix .

    Icy, Darcy, and Stormyjoin join Lord Darkar of Shadow Haunt in his quest to open the Realm of Realix. and by using darkar's power he turn bloom into Dark bloom . but with the help of the speciallists( Sky brandom timmy riven and Helia)

    bloom is safe .