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wana save money and invest

hi dear all ,

i want to save up money ,

however , the bank rate is so low , any financial plan or saving plan from which bank or what way that helps me to keep money , but the the same time earning better revenue?

i am able to save up 500 - 1000 per month

target : save for 1 year

if the plan is profitable, i am willing to save or invent for 2 or more years , but not longer than 3 years


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    You can ask your banker for those named as "股票儲蓄" accounts (as known BOC provides those option). With those accounts, you deposit money every month, and after a certain period, you can hold a certain share of stocks (like HSBC). You can earn the price increasing as long as dividends.

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    all ppl want to maximize their profit in a short period of time, but this is not easy to do that or you need to face a very high risk of losing your principal.

    actually, the bank rate is really low that almost all investment tools can bring you a better revenue than it. But you know, investment is one kind of not guaranteed activities. And such kind of saving plans are for medium or long term investment which may not be suitable for you as your investment period seems too short.

    The aim of saving plan is to bring you a reasonable growth of your principal for 10 years or above, but not help you to become a millionaire in the 1st few years. You may not be able to see a very good or attractive return in the 1st few year using this plan except you have bought sth that grow up rapidly during the period.

    But I would like to suggest you realize what you want and take a look at those plans before you make your decision.

    For more information, please feel free to email me.


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    2 to 3 years saving...... that is quite a short period of time. Actually for most saving plan with attractive return require a long period of time, say 10 years. Why you need to take out the money after 3 years? Is there some important events? And usually their have some minium permium and some operation fee. I suggest you can ask some advise from professional financial advisors. You can email or call me if you really interested and I can give you more information.

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