about a talent show...........(10 marks)

Do anyone have any ideas about a talent show?

(except tranditional 's dancing or singing)

The theme of the talent show : creative

Please involved a introduction and the ways to performance.

*please don't give me any usless or brief suggestions.

thanks a lot!

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  • 1 十年前

    I suggest to have a magic show, a fashion show or a modern drama.

    Magic show could involve some smoking effects, with circumstances. e.g two boys pursuit a girl, they do different magic to make her happy. A girl may be put in a box and then dissapeared. The magic can also include some acrobatics and other performances.

    Fashion show -- of course design the clothes by yourself and have different kinds of collection, models should have special make up too. It can also involve some special events, such as tear the shirt in a few second (if you know how to do)

    Modern drama -- can have different kinds of topic, such as school, love, family, but you should think of the story.