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中英翻譯, 請不要用翻譯機, thanks a lot !!!




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    With the consideration of the factors about the subjective environment (eg. Short of internet coverage within Macau), limitation of government`s resources (eg. the need of dealing with more important matters), lack of development experience, the rapid development and changes happening in products and technology and other negative factors (eg. imcompleteness of law), it is in appropriate for the special administrative region to invest a large amount of resources. However, it should be a gradual development. It also must start from the basic - building the infrastructure, holding out administration reform, amending related law and improve the ability of application of information in the public. It also has to be held step by step - using "comprehensive framework, begin practical trail with smaller departments, rapid expansion" as the developing strategy. It means a comprehensive plan has to be drawn, and electronic public services to be promoted in stages. In the beginning, it has to be tested with smaller, more popular and more convenience to the public and more valuable services. If success, it can be expanded to other departments. Furthermore, the findings of success and failure of the previous stage have to be drawn out for the good of the following stage.

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    Considering objective environmental factor (for instance: On the now this Australia the getting on the low more side still in penetrance in the Internet), government limited resource (for instance: Need to deal with other more urgent work frequently ) , insufficient development experience , technology and products developed and changed rapidly , and other unfavourable factor (for instance: The relevant regulation has not been perfected etc. yet), the special zone government is not suitable for putting into the ample resources crossing once . And must adopt a progressive developping steps . Must start from foundation Develop technological capital construction , carry on the administrative reform,

    Revise the relevant regulation , improve the ability to use information technology of different levels of the society. And implement step by step Adopt and " construct totally

    Think, tiny starting point, expand rapidly. "Development tactics. Mean putting forward a whole plan, and introduce a series of public services of electron stage by stage. At the beginning, tinier , commonly more used , bring more convenient , more valuable services to set about to the public from some first, if succeed , promote to other departments at quicker speed. In addition, should also summarize development succeeding and failed experience on last stage , by adjusting developing direction and way at the next stage.