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點d 字點用?? (10)

(1)so that

(2)so as to

(3)instead of (可唔可以咁講, Swimmer will use swimming pool instead of beach)

(4)in order to (用conjunction ge 時候)(後面係咪要 verb/noun)

(5)utilize (用use 有咩分別?)

呢d 字中文解釋點解??

同埋比d 完整句子 我參考下...(最好2句每樣)以便我清楚d thx

thx a lot.

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    (1)so that => 所以

    e.g. a) My mother left me a message, so that I know where she is.

    媽媽留下了口訊給我, 所以我知道她在哪裏.

    b) I have got the permission, so that I can go into the forbidden zone.

    我已取得許可証, 所以我可以進入禁區.

    (2)so as to => 為了

    e.g. so as to get the good exam result, I need to study hard.

    為了得到好成績, 我必須努力學習.

    (3)instead of => 代替

    e.g. I would like to have a cup of milk instead of tea.


    Swimmer will swim in swimming pool instead of beach (could be correct~)

    (4)in order to => 為了 (+verb) -其實同so as to可以共通.

    e.g. in order to get the good exam result, I need to study hard.

    **same e.g. as (2)

    (5)utilize => 利用

    e.g. People are trying to find more ways of utilizing recyclable things.


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    (1) so that(ph.)- 為了如此...以至於:以便

    example: I want to be a teacher so that I should study hard.

    (2) so as to(ph.)- 以便

    example: The test questions are kept secret, so as to prevent cheating.

    (3) instead of(ph.) 代替;不...而 (你個句ok)

    (4) in order to (ph.)為了... (係用verb)

    example: I stopped in order to wait for you

    (5) utilize (v.)-利用 (係同use一樣)

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