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  • Kimmy
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    1 十年前

    Place: Temple street (Mong Kok district)

    Another name: Man's street

    Cause and characteristic : Main in afternoon to start a business at 2 o'clock, but did not usually begin to liven up at dusk, can be watertight on vacation.

    Article rely mainly on man's articles more at the price

    And also many tell one's fortune , see the looks stand in nearby Tin Hau Temple.

    And there are street Chinese opera performances

    It is the evening market full of genuine cultural taste in Hong Kong

    Business hours : After nine o'clock in the evening

    Specialty: Have salt eggs , horse's hoof, the recycled oil residue, the meal stews son's meal burntly , there are a lot ....Try in person by oneself! ! !

    Characteristic : In the temple street, the restaurant of all kinds stands in great numbers, offer genuine Hong Kong table delicacies such as seafood , hot pot ,etc..

    You can taste small food in roadside such as baking salting the mutton bunch down , cooking sausages and wheaten food ,etc. too.

    Cuisine: Chinese style

    (The remarks: After nine o'clock in the evening, the small food in the roadside will start and pave successively )

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    你識唔識架?! 唔識就唔好亂作害人喎! 求其copy人地網上翻譯, 睇都唔睇就當答案俾人...

    鹽焗蛋係Salt-baked Eggs

    食得既馬蹄係叫 Water Chestnut 唔係 horse's hoof

    豬油渣麵你最多可以叫Noodle with Lard Residue

    煲仔飯係好簡單既Pot Rice, 唔係乜野 the meal stews son's meal burntly

    算命、看相攤子係Fortune Tellers and Face / Palm

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    Place: Temple street (Wangjiao area)

    Alias: Man street

    Reason and characteristic: Main 2 PM of commencements of business, but usually only then starts in the dusk to live it up, the holiday can be watertight. The selling price goods are many after the gentleman thing primarily but the neighbor day the temple also have very tell fortunes, tell fortunes by physiognomy the outdoor shop. And has the street corner China drama performance is fills the Hong Kong typical culture flavor the night market Business hour: After 9 PM Advertisement vegetable: Has the salty 焗 egg, the horse's hoof, the regeneration deisel oil surface, food Jiao Paotzu the food, but also has very many... Own 嚐 try by oneself! ! ! Characteristic: In the temple street, all kinds of food stands in great numbers, provides the tunnel Hong Kong good food like seafood, the hot pot and so on. You also may 嚐 roadside snack like roast the salt skewered mutton, the fever sausage and the wheaten food and so on. Vegetable type: Chinese type (note: After 9 PM, the roadside snack then can open one after another 舖)