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Dennis 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前




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    Shepherd boy's flute is one of the Western oldest musical instruments, its first ancestor may be a bone that only blew out the monotony, a stick of reed stem , or a section of small bamboos are in charge of, it is similar to blow the angry sound that emits with the bottle mouth. Connected size or thickness different tubes together later, becoming can send out several level sound different arranging the flute , then the flute begins be able to blow out the melody . Found later that opened several holes in a one of tube's end, it is relatively convenient to play. The erhu was develop by the Chinese fiddle, was once claimed The Chinese fiddle or south moustache. Wide non- other musical instruments spreading are constant. The sound is graceful , the expression is strong, it is our country's main playing one of the string instruments, play together in the solo , national instrumental music , in the song and dance and vocal music accompanying and local opera , music of talking and singing, occupy the important position.

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  • 1 十年前

    The shepherd boy flute is one of Western most ancient musical instruments, its first ancestor possibly is only blows out the tone a bone, a reed stem, perhaps section of small bamboos tubes, the sound which sends out with the jar mouth air flush are inevitably similar. Afterwards the length or the thick thin different tube continually in the same place, became may send out several high basses different platoons flute, thereupon the bamboo flute started to be able to blow out the melody. Afterwards only then discovered opens several holes in a pipe end, plays is more convenient. comes by the Chinese violin development, once is called the Chinese violin or the Nanhu. Spreads the broad non- other musical instruments to be possible to compare. The timbre exquisite, the performance strength is strong, is one of our country main bowed instruments, in the solo, the national instrumental music instrumental ensemble, the dance and the vocal music accompaniment as well as the place drama, the traditional entertainment involving talking and singing music, all holds the important status.

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