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    According to the 9/11 Commisson, approximately 16,400 to 18,800 civilians were in the World Trade Center complex at the time of the attacks. Among the survivors were:

    The vast majority of the employees of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, 2,500 employees in 2 WTC and 1,000 in 5 WTC

    103 of 172 employees of Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc., a securities company .

    617 of 618 employees of Lehman Brothers (floors 38-40 of WTC 1)

    1875 of 1914 employees of Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

    Only 14 people escaped from the impact zone (floors 78 to 84) of the South Tower after it was hit (including Stanley Praimnath), and 4 people from floors above it. They escaped down Stairway `A`, the only stairwell that had been left intact (though somewhat obstructed with broken drywall, and filled with smoke in one area). No one was able to escape from above the point of impact in the North Tower after it was hit, as all stairways and elevator shafts on those floors were destroyed.

    Of the estimated 200 to 300 people trapped in the towers' stalled elevators, 22 managed to escape: 16 people from four elevators in the North Tower and six people from two elevators in the South Tower. Perhaps the most amazing escape was that of six people trapped in an express elevator on the 50th floor of the North Tower. There was no elevator bank on that particular floor. After prying open the inner doors, they cut through three layers of drywall with a squeegee handle, then broke through a wall of tiles into a 50th-floor bathroom. All six escaped the tower five minutes before it collapsed.

    Only 20 people survived from the debris after the collapse of the towers:

    Fourteen people, including a dozen firefighters, a Port Authority policeman, and civilian secretary Josephine Harris, 59, were in Stairway `B` on the 1st through 6th floors of the North Tower when it collapsed. The firemen had stopped to help escort Josephine from the building at the time of the collapse. They crawled out and were then escorted alive from an air pocket in the debris. The fourteen survivors from stairway B in the North tower include:

    *Firefighter Mickey Kross (Engine Company 16)

    *Battalion Chief Rich Picciotto (11th Battalion)

    *Firefighter Billy Butler (Ladder 6)

    *Firefighter Tommy Falco (Ladder 6)

    *Firefighter Ryan Williams (Engine 39)

    *Captain Jay Jonas (Ladder 6)

    *Firefighter Rob Bacon (Engine 39)

    *Firefighter Jeff Coniglio (Engine 39)

    *Firefighter Jim Efthimiaddes (Engine 39)

    *Officer Dave Lim (Port Authority Police K-9 Unit)

    *Firefighter Michael Meldrum (Ladder 6)

    *Firefighter Sal D'Agostino (Ladder 6)

    *Firefighter Matt Komorowski (Ladder 6)

    *Josephine Harris (civilian)

    First Union Bank employee Tom Canavan, 42, and an unidentified young man were in the underground shopping mall beneath the South Tower when it collapsed. They were able to climb to the surface minutes before the North Tower collapsed............

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