1. hold water

2. reel off

3. speak volumes

4.city slicker

5. ring true

6. tip off

7. follow suit

8. play hardball

9. fly off the handle

10. iron out

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  • 1 十年前

    1. The story did not hold water.

    2. I can reel off a long list of idioms.

    3. Her actions will speak volumes.

    4. My husband thinks he is a city slicker.

    5. I wonder if his story will ring true.

    6. The police had a tip off about the robbery.

    7. Everybody has short hair so I will follow suit.

    8. The new office managers play hardball.

    9. Everytime I wear my shoes in bed my wife will fly of the handle.

    10. I will release my software package after I iron out the problems.

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  • 1 十年前

    Try this

    1) hold water -- your statement of the sun rise from the west wont hold water.

    2) reel off -- the old sailor reeled off one story after another.

    3) speak volumes -- her testimony speaks volumes.

    4) city slicker -- he is such a city slicker that he can not tell a cow from a pig.

    5) ring true -- your story may ring true, but I will verify the information

    6) tip off -- your story has tipped off an investigation

    7) follow suit -- I joined a tour, my friend follow suit

    8) play hardball -- my friend plays hardball when selling his company

    9) fly off the handle -- my teacher flies off the handle after my comments

    10) iron out -- this problem was ironed out a month ago.

    Hope this helps