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芭蕾舞的舊 pointe shoes

我想問你地會點處理d太軟的 pointe shoes?


但係因為我個 arc 都幾大力, 通常一個月就會整壞一對 pointe, 依家都第三對啦, 舊0個d你會點處理? 掉左佢? 送俾人?

聽人講可以拆做 soft-block, 但唔知點攪, 有冇人有經驗可以分享下呢?

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    我係原裝 moomoo0628. 無錯﹗當然可以拆做 soft-block!

    THANK jennifertang96 FOR 專載 我以前的 ANSWER﹗喺度﹐唔再repeat點拆啦﹗

    但如果你原本對鞋預大size墊 toe pad﹐而家拆做 soft-block後會鬆左d架﹗




    外國有D人會買JET GLUE



    To prolong the life of your pointe shoes, place them where they can dry naturally and thoroughly as soon as you have finished wearing them. Do not leave them inside your dance bag as they will not dry properly and do not place them in plastic bags as this tends to keep the moisture inside the shoes. When dry and ” broken in” to your satisfaction, thin coats of shellac or pointe shoe hardener can be applied to the inside of the block and to the insole to resist any further absorption of moisture. Another way in which you can extend the life of your shoes is by purchasing two pairs of pointe shoes and alternating them for each class. This will ensure that each pair will dry thoroughly between wearings.

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    個 arc 大力會整壞一對 pointe shoes, 但亦有可能是下面的原因:

    1) 身體不夠pull up: D 力坐落對腳度, pointe shoes 好快玩完

    2) pointe shoes 保養得不好: 穿著後不要立即 pack 好, 等佢cool down 先, 不要放在膠袋內, 最好用布袋, 回家後放或掛在通風乾燥的地方, we called it "曬鞋", 因為濕氣使pointe shoes 好快 "林"

    如果你通常一個月就會整壞一對, 我建議你購買double底的pointe shoes, 我試過取出舊pointe shoes的底用AA膠固定在新鞋內 (先將新鞋內的布小心撕下, 加舊鞋底後再貼回布)

    希望幫到你, 你可以拆做 soft-block, 只要拆左裡面個鞋頭D紙... 但一個月壞一對, how many soft-block you want? 試下延長對鞋的壽命先la.

    2006-11-29 21:24:38 補充:

    I am a teacher, I see some of my student has the same problem with their pointe shoes, and I found the reason of point 1 and 2 is quite common.

    資料來源: I'm a teacher
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    However, my teacher is RAD examiner, she strongly recommends us

    to DE-SHANK orginal pointe shoes.

    I always do this to prepard my exam soft blocks every year too!

    1) Get a pair of snug fit orginal pointe shoes

    (Brand new or slightly used, should choose tighter and smaller in size)

    2) Remove the shank out of pointe shoes by just pulling it out of the inside of the shoe.

    First, remove the cloth insole.

    3) Then use a pair of pliers to remove the nails.

    The shank should come right out. Original pointe shoes will become soft blocks!

    4) They are still very hard.

    5) You can wrap the shoes with a towel and hammer the shoes a little bit.

    6) The shoes will become softer and softer by using them with your warm feet with moisture.

    I know it takes time but the shape of your feet will be much much

    better in this special made shoes. :)