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請問有冇人教下我應徵shipping clerk時, 要如何用英文介紹自己層經做過shipping的職責(本人已有2年幾做shipping既經驗: eg.handle full set of export document, L/C DOC., Booking , Tradelink, outlook express, contact forwarders..  )


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  • 1 十年前

    My name is XX. I was work as shipping clerk in XXX company over 2 years. I can handle full set of export documents, especial on xxx (之前做咩形式0既公司, 如 garment / toys) field.

    My job duty mainly contact consignee thru e-mail. In my previou company, they are currently using Outlook Express. Also, I have to contact freight forwarders for bookng and arrange shipment as per request. I also can handle shipment under L/C. After shipment effect. I will arrange export declaration thru Tradelink.