oral presentation

choose one of the topics below and give a 5 min presentation about the topic:

1. democracy in hong kong: what difference would it make?

2. the kind of rude behaviour that infuriates you.

3. how has globalisation affected you personally?

4. tell a story from your own experience to make people laugh.

5. how to make hong kong's secondary school curriculum more practical.

thx a millon!

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  • 1 十年前

    1. Tohave democracy in Hong Kong is very important for the floowig reasons:

    Firstly,we enjoy freedom of all kinds and basic human rights if we are under a demo-

    cratic Govt.. Imagine that we do not have the right to express our wishes and concern

    in the public and demonstartions and all kinds of propaganda not pleasing to the

    Govt, is banned. Imagine that we cannot choose the religion as we like and are forced

    to follow the govt.'s lead. Wouldn't that be terrible?

    Secondly, we can have the right to select the people to rule over us if we have demo-

    crazy. We can pick and choose t he people and invest our trust in them. This is im-

    portant as the right people in power guarantee right policies and a right direction. We

    can then carry on w ith our daily living, resting assured t hat our welfare is well

    taken care of.

    Thirdly, we can enjoy a high level of living with a democratic Govt. The laisee Fair

    economy and free exchange of good s etc enable us to enjoy goods and services

    freely. The living standard is raised and we can look forward to c ontinual material

    abundance and wealth.

    All in all, democracy is what every citizen wants in Hong Kong. WE will do all we can

    to ensure that our city will continue to enjoy it.

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