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要一個2-3分鐘既english story ! plz!

要有故事name! 吾好係灰姑娘,小紅帽...個類,要d冇咩人色既! 急 plz!!!

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  • 1 十年前

    Mr. Crocodile and Miss Plover

    Every day after his big meal, Mr. Crocodile would open his mouth to take a nice nap. Exactly at this time, Miss Plover would fly into his mouth to look for food as well as to clean up his teeth.

    Mr. Crocodile hated all kinds of animals. He thought they were annoying. One day, Mr. Crocodile could not tolerate Miss Plover anymore. He roared, “ Can ‘t you see I ‘m sleeping? Go away! Don ‘t disturb me and don ‘t come back again! ” Miss Plover was terrified. She flew away immediately. She was Mr. Crocodile ‘s dentist no more.

    Since then, everyday after his meals, Mr. Crocodile could enjoy his moment of peace. He kept on eating, drinking and sleeping peacefully. A month later, his teeth began to ache. His teeth were rotten and he was suffering from a very bad toothache. He felt miserable for a whole week.

    One day Miss Plover happened to fly by the river. She saw how miserable Mr. Crocodile was and felt sympathetic. She flew in front of him and asked if he would let her help to relief his pain. Mr. Crocodile was too happy to have someone to help him. So, Miss Plover spent a whole afternoon working hard – cleaning and scrubbing until Mr. Crocodile ‘s teeth did not hurt anymore.

    Feeling much better, Mr. Crocodile was thankful for Miss Plover ‘s help. He was ashamed of his bad behaviour earlier. He apologized to Miss Plover immediately.

    Since then, the two became good friends and would meet up with each other everyday after meals.

  • 1 十年前

    1) Cat and Rat: The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac

    - Written & Illustrated by Ed Young

    - 內容: 係講貓同老鼠為咩會成為世仇, 一個又係英文o既故事, 又關于中國十二生肖o既故事.

    2) The Fox and The Crow

    - 好處係你唔洗買本書, 上以下 kizclub website 睇, 重有真人發聲講故仔俾你聽

    - 內容: 係講烏鴉點俾狐狸用甜言蜜語騙取佢口中件芝士. 故事簡單但又不乏教育意義

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    Sleeping Beauty

    Beauty and the Beast

    Little Red Riding Hood

    Hansel and Gretel (maybe spelt wrong)

    資料來源: Myself the genius