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Benny 發問於 電腦及互聯網安全性 · 1 十年前

咩叫Tracking Cookies???

咩叫Tracking Cookies???

我用YAHOO 個反間碟軟件CHERK 到好多 使唔使刪除!

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  • 1 十年前

    Tracking Cookies - the unhealthy kinds of cookies that track your Web browsing habits.

    Some call them "profiling cookies," "persistent cookies," "long term tracking cookies,"

    or "third party tracking cookies." In some sites they call

    them "third party cookies" or simply "tracking cookies." No matter what they are called,

    these cookies are typically sent to your computer for advertising or

    marketing purposes, and they will stay forever, unless you take the

    initiative to remove them manually.

    So how is this going to affect my computer and me?

    Although, most Spyware is relatively harmless provided you

    don’t mind having your every Web site visit tracked, or every

    moves that you’ve made to be watched by your friendly marketers?

    But some can gather information about your e-mail addresses,

    keystrokes, cookies, passwords, and in worse case…

    your credit card numbers, Internet banking account number.

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