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Help in English Grammar -Sentence transformation

I was asked to transform the following sentences with the GIVEN WORDS. I have done them but am not very sure if they are correct.

1. When she has to walk to the shops she finds it tiring.

SHE GETS...................

My answer: She gets tiredness walking to the shops. Or, should it be (She gets tire walking to the shops)?

2. I find it hard not to spend more than I earn


My answer: It ends up that I always spend more than I earn.



3. What a surprise it was to see her there!


My answer: It is a fancy to see her there.

4. Her reaction was not really surprising


My answer: Her reaction came as no surprise

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  • HaHa
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    1 十年前

    1)應該是:She gets tired of walking to the shops.

    2)It ends up that it is hard for me not to spend more than I learn

    3)How fancy it is to see her there. (記得要將語氣也譯山來

    4)There cames no surprise for her reaction.

  • ?
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    1 十年前

    It should be the following:

    1.She gets tired of shopping.

    2.u are correct

    3.It is a fancy to see her there/I fancied to see you there(If you are talking about yourself)

    4.Her reaction came out with no surprise.

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  • 1 十年前


    1. It's not correct :D

    Explanation-- "gets" here needs to be followed by an adjective. Usually, "get" can go with a noun, like "I get cash." But here the meaning is "become", i.e. "She becomes tired". Therefore it should be "she gets tired".

    2. It's correct!

    3. It's not correct, in terms of meaning.

    Explanation-- "fancy", when used as a noun, means something that you imagined and it's not real. In you version, it will mean "it is only my imagination that I see her there." I think you need to use "fancy" as a verb here. Maybe: "I have not fancied seeing her there.", which means "I have not thought that I would see her."

    4. Correct