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匿名 發問於 家庭及人際關係婚姻及離婚 · 1 十年前

not happy in marriage

my husband never admired me or thanks me for three years of marriage. He even said that he will be better off to marry a coutry lady from china,uneducated or even prostitute for poverty reason. I am a simple lady who dont know how to argue or fight and just keep silent all the time.I dont love him either to be hurt all the time. I have to do all the house works and make money for all the expenses. He complains that he didnt marry a rich lady sometimes too.



am a piano teacher and work in the afternoon for teaching and in the morning for all the house works. I work very hard even on all weekend.any comment?

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  • 1 十年前

    To maintain a marriage, besides lots of love also included patience, respect, communication…etc. And family grow up background, education, career…etc. are some factors to reduce the distance between you two. But now, since you have married this guy already…the 1st question you ask yourself is “Do you still love him?” and the 2nd question you should ask yourself is "How long you can tolerant this relationship? " before you make any decisions. I know it’s tough, I guess this is life…talk with your best friends and remember to treat yourself good would help, (to measure who contribute more to the family won't do you any good)….but the last person who can help you is YOU, yourself!

    In the mean time, the link below are some tips on fixing an unhappy marriage.

    One last thing, never mention divorce on the daily arguments unless you really mean it and would take it to action!!!

    Hope it’ll help!! Be Happy and Good Luck!!!

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  • Daiwei
    Lv 6
    1 十年前

    Some suggestions below are for your consideration .

    1. Try to find out the factors affecting your family life .

    2. Are there any [obstacles] or [blocks] which have hindered the relationships between your husband and you ? If so could they be eliminated through a [harmony-based] talk and/or improving your communication skill first ? What needs to be improved upon ?

    3. If you show your loving-heart and care to your husband in the right place at the right time, there are no put-downs . You because of coming home exhaused day and night have little time to relax yourself, especially not caring your husband who may face a lot of stresses or pressures from his friends, his boss and his work .

    4. In your husband's heart, you are just a typical Chinese housewife and a lady who is keen in her career .

    5. If you donate too much time to your daily work and housework as well, you are sending a [wrong message] to your husband that he is not important to be in your shoes .

    6. Maybe keeping much more silence may have side-effect that will cause unexpected misunderstanding to your husband .

    7. Try to change your outlook such as hair-style and dressing .

    8. It is important for you to understand that everyone has their own idears and views, you need to see that emotions are part of life .

    9. If possible, please keep much more smile, keep your mouth open ! More importantly, hold your horses when solving the marriage problem !

    Don' t be unhappy !!

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  • 1 十年前

    if he feels that why u two still get married, I don't mean u should divorce but with a man who nevers admire u, what does this marriage mean??

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  • 1 十年前

    You only mentioned how good you are and how bad your husband was, but dont you want to find out what was the reason behind his complaints? If his complaints were reasonable, you should be compromised; If not, it is time for you to make a decision to abandon your relationship with him. I suggest you to make up your decision soon.

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