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I want somebody can find a news about WildLife Protection!

I want somebody can find a news about WildLife Protection!

But remember , I don't want so long article because it must be English , not Chinese ,

Thanks a lot

very urgent !

it must be find during this week!

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    1 十年前

    Rajya Sabha clears wildlife protection bill


    Asian Age, New Delhi, 23-August-2006

    New Delhi, Aug. 22: Giving a major boost to the conservation of wildlife, the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed the Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Bill 2006, paving the way for setting up of the National Tiger Conservation Authority and National Wildlife Crime Bureau. According to environmentalists, both the authority and bureau will help immensely on curbing wildlife poaching and illegal smuggling.

    The bill was passed by voice vote amidst din with BJP members trooping to the well chanting Vande Mataram. They were not protesting against the wildlife legislation, but were urging that countrymen should respect the national song.

    The legislation was passed with as many as 27 amendments, including three to four proposed by the Left parties, to make it tribal-friendly.

    The Left parties, which initially were opposed to the bill, asserting it was in direct conflict with provisions of the yet-to-be-finalised tribal bill, did not oppose it at the passage stage.

    Union minister for environment and forests A. Raja’s brief reply was drowned in slogan-shouting by protesting BJP members. He, however, did not touch on some points raised by members that the setting up of a statutory tiger conservation authority would force states to comply with its orders. The authority will not only provide statutory authority for Project Tiger but will also provide oversight by the Parliament. The authority will also ensure support in the form of scientific expertise, IT and legal experts.

    While stressing on coexistence between tribal and animals, the authority will also look into the aspect of providing institutional mechanism to implement the tiger task force recommendations.

  • 1 十年前

    here it is:

    To protect wild life is very important, because it keeps our food chain balance. The last news basic on the killing wild life is at last week's newpaper.therefore, it is so important to protect mortal wildlife.

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