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You are Chris Wong, the chairman of the school Health Club. The Health Campaign will be held next week. You are goinh to give a talk at the opening ceremony. Write 250words speech for the opening ceremony. In your talk, you should introduce the types of activities to be held and their aims. You should also arouse your schoolmates' awareness to some general health issues and encourage them to join your activities.

幫我唸下有咩point好寫. 唔該

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    talk about the seriousness of problem in hk --> arouse your concern --> want everybody to be healthy --> start from school

    types of activities:

    1. healthy diet --> introduce the importance of healthy diet and encourage school mates to try --> don't sell junk food in tuck shop

    2. exercises --> encourage school mates to do more exercises --> hold different courses and everybody should at least join one (sth like this)

    arouse awareness --> quote horrible cases happened on teenagers in hk --> emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle --> mention possible horrible results if nothing is done --> the club provides good chance for everybody in school --> let't try together

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    多食水果、每日 8 杯水、早睡、少食甜野、零食、多運動……

    目的是叫成個人健康 d,溫書有精神、有進步~~

    可以搞成活動,例如在學校搞 d 跑步運動 activity~~叫人 join 等等~~