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cant to play torrent file, pls help (10 分)

completed BT 100% by BitComet software, the download time at around 1hr for eg. (prison break V2 - 1)., is it reasonable time? my used netvigetor 16M cable.

And also can;t to play for view anything and got error message and need (send the report & don;t send) of this message.

During downloan of period, I try to preview the file, but got message "say - need to install Media player class and real player of this message, but my PC have Media player 10.

I havent any idea for BT.

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    You have to use real player to watch it because the type of file is rm rmvb. The size is smaller, so people like to transfer the video to this type in BT. If you wanna download real player, you can go to this website. Its free of charge.

    I also DL PB in BitComet. Hehe!