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  • 1 十年前

    Those officers in brown uniform are called Traffic Warden(交 通 督 導 員) belonging to 中 央 交 通 違 例 檢 控 科 of HK Police

    , they are not Traffic Police who are official policemen.

    For 紅燈過馬路, the police will send your information to the nearest court at where the crime happened and the court will send you a court summon (法庭傳票) and a form. If you admit your crime, you can sign the form and send it back to the court before the trial, you don't need to attend the court trial. They will send you a letter later telling you to pay how much fine. If you don't admit your crime, you must goto the court at the date specified on the summon and argue your reasons why you think you are not guilty.


    問: 如有有關交通傳票的查詢或投訴 , 我應怎辦 ?

    答: 你可以寫信給第 2 組要求調查,地址是:香港灣仔軍器廠街警察總部警政大樓 30 樓,中央交通違例檢控組第 2 組。你亦可透過信件傳真到 2200 4318 給第 2 組。該組將會進行調查及通知你調查的結果及處理方法。

    中 央 交 通 檢 控 組 2866 6552

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