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how to do these tricks??

1. Burn Bank notes without actually burning it

2. Change KMnO4 into "drinks"


how to make 1. more spectacula??

更新 2:

not really drinks...... it is to make it look loke some sort of drinks like water, milk, etc.

更新 3:

how about putting salt into the alchoho?

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    1) soak the bank note in 40% vodka (which u can buy anywhere) and start burning! the alcohol will burn but the 60% of water won't.

    2) hmm..not sure if that's possible - KMnO4 is toxic...

    2006-11-21 23:45:12 補充:

    1) hmm...not sure how to make it more spectacula - to do that would require some Group I metal or copper (which gives a green fire), which you can't get unless you're a chemist and it'll be dangerous to perform as well.2) Well KMnO4 is purple! So I don't think it's possible..

    2006-11-29 22:30:10 補充:

    You mean putting KMnO4 solid into alcohol?? Well the solution will turn purple but once it gets onto your hands or gets heated up it'll turn brown.I suggest adding purple dye to water to give that effect. Cheaper that way..

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    (1) put the bank note into a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water with ratio 1:1

    the alcohol will make the note burn but the water will protect the bank note.