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Dear Ka,

i"ve come first in class again. I should be very but I'm not.As you know,since Dad's death,we've been going through really hard times. Mum is earning extremely little money and has borrowed quite a lot from our relatives. I know she can't afford to let me carry on with my studies in S6. My little brother and sister are young,and will remain


financially dependent for some years. I want to find a job instead of studing. I've told Mum but she insists that i must finish school and further my studies in university.

更新 2:

what can I doI don't want to be a fanily burden. Why am I so unfortunate? Please give me some advice . Write soon


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  • 1 十年前

    My suggestion:

    Dear Tony,

    Your mum is right. Once you have finished your studies in university, you can get a job that can support the whole family. If you drop out of school now, you will probably land up with odd jobs that don't pay well.

    Therefore, your current focus should be on your studies. If you really want to help lighten your family burden, how about looking for part-time jobs instead?

    Everyone of us have different sets of problems in life. Your hardder childhood may build you into a strong person for the future. Remember "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going".

    I cannot offer much to help you, but whenever you need a listening ear, please feel free to write to me.

    Yours truly,


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  • 1 十年前

    點樣回信呀?? 幫我回得ma? 幫你回? 都不知你的意思和你跟他的關係, 怎可用別人的意思幫你回? 你知道那些英文的解釋嗎? 如你看得明, 那就用你的意思寫出來, 然後讓別人用英文幫你翻譯好了.

    第二句的那句說話是 I should be very......very what? very sad or something else? 十分什麼?

    他是你的網友嗎? 小心受騙!!!!!

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