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is there w1000i??

Is there w1000i??

I want to by it how much and when will have行??

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    SE W1000i is comin out!!!!!!

    Just went to www.sonyericsson.com n the news wrote that W1000i is comin out. It has a memory card slot n support up to 2GB.It has a in-built 4GB memory.3G.It is a bar-type fone n not a twist fone.2MP ,AF cam n 10 times digital zoom. ...

    www.gsmarena.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8299&highlight= -

    SE W1000i is comin out!!!!!!

    hey! there are some cool things about the W1000i. You can connect a normal CD drive via USB 5.0 to the phone and ... IF their is a W1000i not like the one on clubsonyericsson, then it will more than likely not be a phone but more ...


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    PEOPLE person We walking Vote Scream coming soon Model W1000i and K800i come in Sony Ericsson When when ? ... people person Emirates listen Said wow wow want lovest yes in Model W1000i sony Ericsson . plz shopping Emirates excellent ...


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    SONY Ericsson W1000i Vote excellent win Sony-Ericsson.


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    sonyericsson w1000i Sony Ericsson. ... Eski 16-03-2006, 17:34. netün. Junior Member. Giriş Tarihi: 09-08-2005. Yaş: 36. Üye No: 123942 Forum Dili: TR. Mesajlar: 37. sonyericsson w1000i ...


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    新機發表~ W1000i. Mobile Life論壇 » 手機討論區 » SonyEricsson » 一般手機系統, 友善列印. « 上一篇 下一篇 ». 發布者, 頁尾. waihungluk 高級 /資深會員 來自 : HONG KONG ...


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    新機發表~ W1000i. Mobile Life論壇 » 手機討論區 » 一般手機討論館 » SonyEricsson, 友善列印. « 上一篇 下一篇 ». 發布者, 頁尾. waihungluk 高級 /資深會員 ... 新機發表 ~ W1000i .

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    w1000i大曝光,快的黎睇!!!! 不知什麽時候可以出???:D:D:D:014 ... 佢行輕觸式螢幕,比W900I薄! 記住,我都係問人 所以我都唔知真定假我個人意見,真有70% [/quote] 你係咪想講m600i/w950i呀:P 呢部w1000i就真係100%係假野:013 ...

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    貓貓論壇 » 『手機資訊 』 » Sony Ericsson W1000i, RSS 訂閱當前論壇. 招募購買廣告位, 招募購買廣告位, 招募購買廣告位, 招募購買廣告位 ... Sony Ericsson W1000i W1000i 附件 : 您


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    Mobile01 首頁 » 討論群組 » 行動電話與系統討論區 » SonyEricsson 討論區. 各位觀眾 SE 滑蓋手機 W1000i ... 不好意思我在我朋友的手機裡看到 SE 今年 9 月即將要推出的滑蓋手機型號 w1000i 圖片我將在近期內補上 . . . . . . . . ...


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