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Inuyasha s profile.....!!

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    The namesake of the series, Inuyasha is an angsty half demon(半妖). The product of a union between his human mother Izayoi and his Demon Lord father Inutaisho(犬大將), his father is killed while he is resurrecting(復甦) and rescuing Izayoi and infant(幼兒) Inuyasha from Setsunano Takemaru. There's very little canon information available that I've seen about Inuyasha's childhood other than the nebulous(含糊的) description of it being "Unpleasant"(討厭的) and that he was shunned by both demons and humans alike. There are apparently portions of the manga that show him and Sesshoumaru(殺生丸) growing up together and getting along well, but I haven't seen them. Probably because I haven't read the manga . Anyway, I'll make a trip to the comic shop and fix that soon and let you know what I find.

    Fast forward to a grown up Inuyasha. Embittered with the way life's treating him, Inuyasha decides he'll do whatever it takes to become a full-fledged demon(全妖). His search for the Shikon Jewel(四魂之玉) puts him in the path of Kikyo(桔梗), who rather than kill him, disables him by pinning him to a tree with her arrows. She continues to kill demons that come to the area looking for the Shikon Jewels and Inuyasha hangs around the area and hides in the shrubbery. Kikyo kept talking to him even though he was concealed and eventually they would come to have longer conversations, and later fall in love.

    Eventually they decided to use the Shikon Jewel to make Inuyasha fully human and since the jewel would be gone, Kikyo would no longer have to guard it and she'd be free to live with Inuyasha. Having talked it over the two agreed to meet the next day and Kikyo would bring the jewel for Inuyasha.

    Unfortunately, a crippled bandit named Onigumo(鬼蜘蛛) who Kikyo had been caring for was lusted after her and wanted to corrupt her and the jewel. He made a deal with a bunch of demons to give them his body to devour in exchange for a new body with which to corrupt Kikyo and the Jewel. The demons ate his old body and formed themselves into a new one for him. The result was the demon Naraku(奈落).

    Naraku changed his shape to take the form of Inuyasha and attacked Kikyo. Mortally wounding her, he taunted her by saying it was all an act to get the Shikon Jewel and that he never loved he. He took the Jewel from her and returned it to the shrine(神殿) before starting the second part of his plan. That taken care of, he then attacked Inuyasha while in the form of Kikyo. Angered, Inuyasha went to the shrine and took the jewel. While he was escaping, the real Kikyo found him and pinned him to a tree with an arrow just before she died.

    He stayed pinned to the tree for fifty years, unconscious. Kagome(阿籬) revives him in the first episode to save her from Lady Centipede. After Lady Centipede's defeat the then turns on Kagome to get the Shikon Jewel, but is put under control by a magic rosary that Kaede put around his neck. Whenever Inuyasha acted up, all Kagome has to do is tell him to sit and it plants him face-first onto the ground.

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    *全部都係我自己一手一腳將d資料group成profile,所以請勿抄襲。Inuyasha race:angsty half demon(半妖) age:15His father: Inutaisho(犬大將)His mother:Izayoi(十六夜)His brother:Sesshoumaru(殺生丸)lover:Kikyo(桔梗), Kagome(阿籬)companion(同伴):Shippou (七宝),Sango (珊瑚),Miroku (弥勒),Kirara (雲母),Myoga (冥加)enemy:Naraku(奈落)

    2006-11-18 21:46:26 補充:

    Weapons:Tetsusaiga(鐵碎牙)-Kaze no Kizu (風之傷),Bakuryuuha(爆流破), Kekkaigiri(紅色鐵碎牙)abilities(能力):Soul Scattering Iron Claw 散魂鐵爪),Flying Blade Blood Claws(血刃飛爪)turns full demon:the eyes turn red, become powerful

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    turns full human : black hair, no dog ears ,no claws, no fangs ,looses powers,can't use the Tetsusaiga不夠位,不如我send埋其他給你。

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    Inuyasha is a hanyou (half-demon) who appears to be around 15 years old, but in reality is closer to 200.

    His father was a powerful dog taiyoukai (demon lord) and his mother was a human. He also has a half-brother named Sesshomaru who is a full demon. Myouga is his family adviser/companion.

    When Inuyasha's father died, he left two swords for his sons. Inuyasha received the Tetsusaiga, which can kill 100 demons with a single swing. Sesshomaru received the Tenseiga, which is the opposite. It can bring 100 people back to life.

    Inuyasha's abilities include the Sankon Tetsusou (Soul Scattering Iron Claw / Iron Reaver Soul Stealer) - a very strong claw attack. The Hijin Ketsusou (Flying Blade Blood Claws / Blades of Blood) - he gets his blood on his claws, and can throw blades from it. The Tetsusaiga (Pulverizing Steel Fang) - a sword forged from his father's fang. It is very powerful, and can be used to perform the Kaze no Kizu (cutting wind). Eventually he learns the Bakuryuuha (explosive wave technique) - which allows him much greater control over the sword and it's power, and finally the Kekkaigiri (barrier destroyer) which allows him to break through magical barriers.

    At times the demon blood in Inuyasha takes control of his body. He becomes completely evil and a mindless killer. Some people believe that he 'turns full demon', but this is incorrect. The actual explanation is that the demon blood from his father is so powerful that it can take him over. After he turns back, he is not aware of what happened.

    Since he is a half demon, he becomes a full human on the night of every new moon. His hair turns black, his features become more human (no claws, fangs, or dog ears, etc.), he looses all his powers, and can no longer transform the Tetsusaiga. When the sun rises, he turns back into his normal form.

    Inuyasha is first seen when he is bound to a tree (after 50 years) from an arrow by Kikyo. He is released by Kagome, a girl from the future that traveled back to feudal Japan through a mysterious well. Inuyasha first thinks she is Kikyo, the woman who trapped him years ago, while in reality, she is her reincarnation. They eventually become friends, and Inuyasha fondness for humans becomes stronger (a trait actually inherited from his father - as he found his bride in a human). Inuyasha originally wanted the Shikon jewel for himself, to become a full demon, and part of him still wants this someday, but his primary goal (and the goal of those who accompany him) is to prevent the shards of the Shikon from falling into the hands of those who wish to abuse it's powers.

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    Inuyasha is a manga and anime series created by Japanese manga artist Rumiko Takahashi, the best selling female comic artist of all time, who is also responsible for such works as Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, and Maison Ikkoku. The anime first aired in Japan in 2000, and in August of 2002, it was first shown on American television, on the Adult Swim portion of the Cartoon Network. The series is extremely popular in both Japan and the United States.

    While the television series is over in Japan, there are still plenty of episodes that have not been officially translated into English yet, making them new to American viewers. The manga however, has no immediate plans of stopping, and is still going strong in Japan. There are also talks of even more movies.

    How the story begins

    Hundreds of years ago , a priestess named Kikyo guarded a very powerful jewel called the Shikon no Tama (Jewel of Four Souls). The Shikon Jewel granted its possessor incredible power and as its protector, Kikyo never hesitated to destroy any demon, or human, that attempted to take it. However, she fell in love with the half-demon Inuyasha. They eventually were deceived by Naraku (a very powerful demon), who tricked them into fighting each other. Kikyo shot an arrow at Inuyasha, binding him to a tree in eternal sleep. Kikyo was also mortally wounded, and she took the Shikon Jewel with her in death.

    Now in modern day Japan, a young girl named Kagome gets pulled into the magical old well at her family's shrine by a demon who senses the jewel in her body. As it turns out, Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo. Passing through the well, she finds herself in feudal Japan, where she meets Inuyasha. She frees him from the tree so that he might protect her from the demon chasing her. In the struggle, the jewel is ripped from Kagome's body, but the demon is quickly destroyed by Inuyasha..

    Inuyasha first believes that Kagome is actually Kikyo, but is convinced otherwise when the truth is revealed by Kaede (Kikyo's younger sister - now much older). Several demons come after The Shikon and it eventually gets broken, shattered into hundreds of pieces that are spread across the land. Inuyasha and Kagome (who is realizing her powers as the reincarnation of the priestess) join forces to search for the shards, to keep them from the hands of the demons. They meet up with several others along their way who join them in their quest, and they also gain some very powerful friends, as well as enemies - including Naraku, Inuyasha's (full demon) brother Sesshoumaru, and many others.

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