Dealth Note

If you are S.K.H Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School, please tell me the instruction of playing [Dealth Note] game. Tks a lot!!!!!

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  • Kitty
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    1 十年前

    I am F.5 and study in Lam Woo.

    First, you play the word game, and then look at the word is the rest. Then put that word in the backet. In the Note 13, you can play the other 3 challange and you will find the killer. If you can't find it in the challange, you can go to the website that you find and press the apple in the bottom. After that, you can play the stage and write down the Code no. that on the right bottom in the Death Note 13, you can don't play all of the stage because if you find the Code no. have some special things and you can find the killer, the game is over and you may get 1,000 dollars if you are the fastest.

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    write ur name on the blackboard of ur own classroom