Simple Exercises

According to Registered Dietitian Vivian Lau, rice and noodles Q1. ________ staples of Chinese diets, but there is not Q2. ________ fibre in them. So it is better for Q3. ________ people to eat more brown bread, brown rice and pasta which are rich in fibre.


She also advises youngsters troubled with pimples to take more vitamin B2. "It can help beautify our skin and control the secretion of oil," she says. Milk, cheese, leafy green vegetables, liver, yeast, almonds and mature soybeans are all good Q4. ________ of this vitamin.

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Students often need to do a lot of Q5. ________. Lau says eating blueberries in moderation can help Q6. ________ eyesight.

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She Q7. ________ adolescents, menstruating females in particular, should take more iron from meat, green vegetables, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts Q8. ________ cereals fortified with iron.

更新 4:

Q1. a. is b. are c. was

Q2 a. many b. nothing c. much

Q3. a. China b. Chinese c. Asia

Q4. a. sources b.places c. food

Q5 b.reading c.been reading

Q6. a cure b. lose c. improve

Q7 a.saying b. says c. have said

Q8. a. and b.but c.together

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  • 1 十年前

    Q1. b. are

    Q2. c. much

    Q3. c. Asia

    Q4. a. sources

    Q5 b.reading

    Q6. c. improve

    Q7. b. says

    Q8. a. and

    2006-11-17 21:01:28 補充:

    Q1. rice and noodles, 所以用areQ2. fibre is not countable, 所以用 muchQ3. Chinese後不可跟people (重覆含義), China後不可跟people (只可用people in China)Q4. source means 來源Q5. Reading is the noun here

    2006-11-17 21:01:36 補充:

    Q6. cure 解治癒, 但文中不是在說有視力毛病, 所以不適用 Q7. 篇 passage 用開 present tense, 所以用saysQ8. meat, green vegetables, fish 等與 cereals 屬同類, 所以用andcereals fortified with iron 即含有鐵質的穀類食品

    2006-11-17 21:45:12 補充:

    Q8. 屬同類意思係:有益, 文中建議食和含鐵質的食物如用together 後面要加with (eg: eggs, nuts together wtih cereals....)用but 即不建議食含有鐵質的穀類食品, 意思不乎

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    1 十年前

    Q1. b. are

    Q2. c. much

    Q3. b. Chinese

    Q4. a. sources

    Q5. b.reading

    Q6. c. improve

    Q7. b. says

    Q8. a. and