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皇家馬德里時期 (2003-現在)







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  • 1 十年前

    His soccer career

    In the childhood of Beckham, he had been playing for Essex. Thereafter he signed the apprenticeship agreement with Manchester United, and at the age of 19 he attended the match for Manchester United for the first time, a home match against Leeds United.

    In 1996 he was selected to be the winner of PFA Young Player of the Year. After the match, his reputation and press appearance rate rose rapidly.

    From the season of 2001-02, Alex Ferguson was annoyed by Beckham since he has been spending too much time on his advertisement promotion activities, and thereby neglecting on soccer, and thereby causing the grudge between them to reach the climax in the season of 2002-03. Thereafter Beckham became involved in some relationship with Barcelona and Chelsea and thereby causing quite a lot of news of his transfer.

    Real Madrid session (2003 onwards until now)

    On 17th June 2003, the effect of this transfer of club brought great commercial profits to the club, especially in the far-east region, having benefits from the reputation of Beckham, and thereby causing a very effective promotion for Real Madrid.

    National team career

    Beckham was sent off by the referee with a red card when he was attending the World Cup held in France ......

    and part of the club fans in the soccer field even held up some posters with the word [Beckscum] to humiliate Beckham. [Scum] means garbage, superfluous.

    Thereafter the performance of the English team was extremely inferior, despite that Beckham received a positive appraisal.

    The supporting side of Beckham claimed that his honesty was worth learning, and the opponent side claimed that he should be ashamed, and even doubted with his qualification as a youth model.

  • 1 十年前

    The ball met the profession

    blue salty schoolchild time once to play a match on behalf of Chinese mugwort's Secker Si. Afterwards signed the apprentice contract with the graceful association, and went forth to battle for the first time take 19 year old of age as a graceful association row, the main floor left the line of battle Si association.

    In 1996 chooses scores a point best for the English ultra ten season milestone one. His well-knownness and the media exposure rate rises rapidly after the sports event.

    From 2001-02 year ball season start. Fei Gexun blue salty puts the too much time to place the sponsor propaganda activity not completely, in the neglect soccer contribution, enable both the conflict to arrive the crest in 2002-03 year ball season. After that blue salty prosperously takes and teams and so on vehicle route gentleman with Busser pulls relates, the extension met the hearsay to cause a clamor

    the imperial Madrid time (2003- present)

    on June 17, 2003, this time extension could affect to imperial Madrid, mainly was brings the large amount commercial income for the team, in the far east market, profited especially from the blue salty well-knownness, was the emperor horse brings the strong propaganda effect.

    The national sports team profession

    blue salty is entering a war the World Cup finals week which holds in France by the ball card by the red card to pursue leaves the field, But the part other balls meet the fan lifts up high “Beckscum” in the athletic field the name to satirize blue salty. (“Scum” solution makes trash, incompetent ghost”).

    Displays at afterwards the day England big game extremely inferior, however blue salty instead obtains frontage appraisal to support

    the blue salty side actually to say he is worth studying honestly, but opposed Fang Zecheng he is impudent and shameless, questioned he takes the young people model the qualifications.

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