can someone help me to explain the following terms


a) Revenue

b) Cost of sales

c) Gross Profit

d) Net profit

e) Fixed Assets

f) Liquid Assets

g) Current Liabilities

h) Long term liabilities

i) Net current Assets

j) Cashflow forecast

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  • 1 十年前

    a)income or sales

    b)how much money need to generate each unit of sales (usually in %)

    c)income generated before expenses, interest and tax

    d)income generated after expenses , interest and tax

    e)asset convert into cash with some time and cost

    f)asset can easily convert into cash with much time and cost

    g)loan due within 1 year

    h)loan due more than 1 year

    i)short term assets minus their liablities

    j)how much cash the company will generate in the future