Communication is the Key

I have said this to a Friend:

"For me, if people do not communicate with each other, do not talk to each other and just keep on guessing everytime about what the other is thinking, there the problems will come because nothing will be completely clear".

I think I said it not only in Boy-Girl relationships, but in any kind of them.

My question now is: What do you think?


- 其實我覺得"Communication"呢個字involves more than talking to express ourselves, it is more than that, than words. 對, just as LingLing has said.

- Communication is the Key, it should b done 面對面, 心對心, w/the whole truth on the table, caring about the other.

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    communication is a way how human interact with each other in my option. Although, most people reckon communication is a form of talking, I think it doesn't limit on verbal only. Between human, there's things called emotions, listening, talking and sense of smell, which develop into what we called ---- feelings.

    Of course, the other person may know what you're trying to tell him/her through your reaction or by the look on your face. But as what you just said... that is through guessing which is not the most efficient way. I agree with you where "if you just keep on assuming, problems will never be solved" !!

    I think one of the main reasons is because the most straight forward for other people to understand you is through TALKING! Tell them what you like, tell them what you wish for, tell them what you want, etc... so that understanding between each other can be minimised.

    BUT!! you have to realise this, not everyone is good at expressing themselves through talking. I have a best friend who loves to ask me whether she's important to me (I'm a girl too), and I have to tell her all the time that she's my best friend, then she wants me to prove it through actions, such as, I gotta invite her to all my parties and I gotta ring her up all the time. I'm trying to tell you that alot of people focus on the physical action rather than verbal communication, because they believe in what they see, NOT what they heard.

    Refer back to the topic, YES.. communication is the KEY but it does not limit to verbal. There's a saying where action is louder than words. So i'm pretty sure if you want the other person stop guessing, then you gotta:

    1. Talk... tell the other person what you really think;

    2. Action... show it!!

    3. EMotion... which means you gotta have feelings involve, if it's ur best friend, then you gotta tell her how much you value her in friendship; if that's your gf, then you gotta tell her how important she is to u

    This is my personal opinion after seeing your topic... communication is the KEY.. and this applies on both boy-girl relationship and friendship.. and i guess.. even with your family !! always let the other person what you think and how you feeL.. sometimes... you don't have to say it out loud if U feel embarassed about this... human can sense feelingz, i'm sure the other person will get the message if you send the signals out through the 3 things i said above... GOOD LUCK!!

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