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help!!!!!!!!!!!! Change it into to english!

Change it into to english! Please!!!!!!!!

美國早期是很dangerous!!!!!!拓荒者住 在小屋裹,經常有野獸突襲!!充滿愛心的約翰送上圖書,令荒涼之地增添了歡樂!!!!

Pecos Bill become 出名的牛仔王的經歷,rabbit鬥fox的故事,百多年一直大受歡迎,深受歡愛!!!

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    The American early time is very dangerous! ! ! ! ! ! The pioneer lives in the hut binds, frequently has the wild animal surprise attack! ! Fills the compassion John delivers the books, made the bleak place to increase has been happy! ! ! ! Pecos Bill the become famous cowboy king's experience, rabbit fights fox the story, more than 100 years continuously greatly receive welcome, deeply happy love! ! !