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物業管理 (Property Management) 和設施管理 (Facilities Management) 的分別



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  • 1 十年前

    Both FM and PM concern the as-is status of all fixed assets, but FM does not limit to it, FM concerns the life cycle of all fixed assets but PM only concentrates on the management of the completed buildings. FM aims to ensure all assets in good condition during its life cycle cost. Meanwhile, the initial cost, operation, maintenance and disposal cost are also issues that Facilities Manager shall notice. Since the perspective is so different between FM and PM, the actual building performance of property under Property Management and Facilities Management is largely different.

    In Management Content, PM ensures the facilities in good condition by utilize minimum cost. And Facility Management maximize the efficiency while minimizing the cost by energy saving, environmental protection and facilities flexibility.

    Although FM approach encompasses more functions than the PM approach and across a longer time span of the life of buildings, it is hard to implement FM approach if the properties are too small and not wholly owned corporate real estate. It is because the main theories of FM, such as strategic facilities management and space planning etc, cannot be implemented in these buildings.

    In Hong Kong, PM approach has been practiced for a long time in managing both multi-owned properties and wholly owned properties. In theory, FM approach has many other functions that can benefit property owners especially for the corporate real estate owners. Does FM approach really more suitable than PM approach for corporate property owners in managing their properties? The following table summarized the perspectives between the PM approach and FM approach in managing built facilities.

    Comparison between PM and FM in managing built facilities


    Property Management

    Facilities Management



    Upkeep the value of assets

    Raise the value of assets by effective utilization of assets


    Management of on-site issues

    Strategic planning

    (i.e. Facilities Strategic Planning)

    Main Aim

    Maintenance & repair issues

    Raise the productivity & customer satisfaction by best use of facilities


    Defective & problematic facilities

    All fixed assets

    Management Style

    Static (Good condition is the target)

    Dynamic (frequency of use)


    Maintain facilities in as-is status

    Maintain facilities as expected life cycle

    Management Content

    Ensure the facilities in good condition by utilize minimum cost

    Maximize the efficiency while minimizing the cost by energy saving, environmental protection, and facilities flexibility.

    Responsive Unit

    Various departments with different functions

    Multi-disciplinary facilities manager

    Role of Manager



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  • C How
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    1 十年前

    Facilities Management = Property Management + Building Services Management (ie. those engineering technical stuff)

    So Facilities Management has a bigger job scope, which means more troubles for the staff, but higher overall efficiency from management point of view.