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我想知道"心靈領域"這個名,英文是怎樣串的,知道的tell me .

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  • 1 十年前

    There are no official terminology in English of "心靈領域"

    Close translation of the meaning to "心靈領域" it will be

    The domains of Mentation

    for example

    In Hinduism what is negated is all the particularities

    of the world, including oneself, and when they are

    done away with, the attributeless Brahman remains,

    and serves as the absolute, a blank, homogeneous

    absolute. In Buddhism what is negated is the

    particularities of mind, the products of mentation,

    and what happens, both out there and in here is not

    negated at all. What happens still happens with all its

    incommensurable richness and differentiation, but

    what has changed is that one doesn't attempt to

    duplicate it with one's mentation. One merely

    observes what happens, out there and in here,

    without attempting to impose one's interpretation on

    it, and doesn't create a self to coordinate that

    interpretation. In the absence of the running

    commentary that mentation is, what happens comes

    in what all the greater alacrity, because it flows free

    of the interference of mentation. The manifoldness

    of what happens comes out with all the greater

    salience, in contradistinction to the blank,

    homogeneous absolute of Hinduism.

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