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匿名 發問於 汽車及交通保養及維修 · 1 十年前

DIY maintenance

I am a car owner. I want to DIY maintenance/repair my own car. Few questions

(1) where/how can I do DIY like changing engine oil, coolant. I heard some car parks don't allow you to do

(2) any websites have detail procedure with picture on maintenance items like changing Spark plug, adjust timing (火位), air filter, or install voltage stablizer, etc.

I want to know more rather then send my car to garge.


Any materials/information particular for Honda Stream.

3 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    let me try to answer your questions 1 by 1......

    -engine oil is very easy to change. there's a nut right on the bottom of the engine. all you have to do is to loose that nut, and drain the old used engine oil. and replace the old oil filter. tight that nut back on, then..... open up the oil cap on top of the engine, fill with new oil.

    -coolant. there's a nut on the bottom of the radiator too. loose that up , drain the old coolant. on the top of the radiator, there's a cap too. plug a hose to the cap on top of the radiator. turn on the water and flush the radiator for a few minutes. tight the nut back on. fill new coolant to the radiator. (there's some premix coolant and there's some coolant u have to mix with water, buy the premixed , easier)

    -air filter. if you are driving a Honda, u can find the exact location of the air filter in the owner's manunal. all u need just a screw driver to open up the plastic box, and replace with a new air filter. very easy on this one.

    -spark plugs. there are a few cables plug into the spark plugs in the engine. just unplug them, u will see the spark plugs. u will need a special wrench to unscrew a spark plug. when u see them, i think u will find out what kind of tool u need.

    besides those i mentioned above, there's a fuel filter needs to be replace periodically. and also, battery needs to be service too.

    u have to clean up the battery time to time before it builds up the battery acid. u need to buy a battery clearn (spray bottle) to spray on the battery and scrub off those green ugly battery acid before it breaks the battery heads and cables.

    and..... if you want your tires to last longer, u are suppose to rotate your tires too. the most common way is change your left front tire to right rear, right front tire to left rear. u probably need to use your spare tire to help if you only have 1 jack.

    i know it's hard to understand that many things in 1 paragraph. but i am just trying to give you a little idea what to play with

    have fun!!!! = )

  • 1 十年前

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  • 1 十年前

    there are many forums over the internet, show you how to maintain your car. Since all cars are not the same, different cars will have different directions. These sites are all classified per make and models, without knowing the make, model and year of your car, I cannot locate the site for you.

    Also, depends on where are you living at, some places will no longer allow general public to flush coolant at your garage. You have to bring your car to certified places for coolant replacement.

    2006-11-21 04:52:48 補充:

    There are many for Hondas. mostly for accord and civic as well as interga. pls. tell me the yr and model of your honda so I could locate the site for you.