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    It has been over twenty years since the banking reform of the state-owned commercial bank in China carried out by three major stages :

    (1) Stage of the specialized reform between 1984 and 1994 : In this stage, the People's Bank regenerated itself to establish four professional banking groups , Bank of China (BOC),Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), China Construction Bank (CCB) and Argriculature Bank of China (ABOC) .

    (2) Stage of the ownership reform for the state-owned commercial bank between 1995-2003 : In this stage, the four banking groups changed their specialization to commercialization .

    (3) At the end of 2003 , with the goal of implementing joint stock system, the banking reform involved the operation mechanism and structure of the shareholders' rights for the state-owned commercial bank through carrying out various measures including the finance reorganization,the transformation of management structiure and the exploiation of capital in share market so as to achieve the optimum for their business.

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    Correction : ......since .....was carried out by three major stages :

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    Correction :1st sentence : In the past twenty years, the State-Owned Commercial Bank in China has undergone the three-stage banking reform :(2) In this stage, the four banking groups changed from specialization mode to commercialization one .(3) Starting from the end of 2003,

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    On this 20 years, the state-owned commercial bank reformed has experienced three stages approximately: 1984-1994 year is the specialized reform stage, establishes a branch from People's Bank of China is present at work, the agriculture, constructs four specialized bank; 1994-2003 year is the state-owned sole ownership commercial bank reforms the stage, the labor, the agriculture, constructs four lines to transform by the specialized bank to the commercial bank; 2003 year's end started this turn reform, then take the joint stock system as the goals, the penetration finance reorganization, the transformation company governed the structure, capital market going on the market, to the state-owned commercial bank's operational mechanism, the stockholder's rights structure carried on the thorough transformation, the realization achievements maximization.

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