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help me to answer(use algebra,最好幫好翻譯成中文,要式):

1.When a number is added to another number 5 times as large,the result is24.What is the first number?

2.With a fixed amount of money $M,Mr Phua can use it to pay the wages of a local worker for 40 days or to pay the wages of an unskilled foreign worker for 60 days.If he employs one local worker and one unskilled foreign worker for a renovation project,how many days can the $M be enough to pay for these two workers?


3.A man normally takes 5 hours to travel at a certain speed from city A to city B.One day,he increases his speed by4km/h and finds that the journey fron A toB takes half an hour less than the normal time.Find his normal speed.

更新 2:

4.Aramugum has enough money to buy 24 apples.If the price of each apple is reduced by 5 cents,he will be able to buy an extra 6 apples with the same sum of money.Find the original cost of each apple.

更新 3:

5.How can the number 45 be divided into two parts so that 4 times one part is 9 less than 5 times the other?

更新 4:

6.A man travels from A to B at 4km/h and from B to A at 6km/h.The total journey takes 45 minutes.Find the distance travelled.

更新 5:

7.Tiong Beng worked part time at a fast food restaurant during the school holidays.He

was paid the normal hourly rate of $2.80 per hour.Overtime rate is one and a half times

the normal rate.He recided $173.60 for 54 hours for work.How many hours did he work overtime?

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  • 1 十年前

    1. 當一個數加上一個係佢5倍ge數時,結果係24,問果個數係幾多



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