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「my favourite animal 」pps急用

eng科要pps (說話訓練個d)

題目係my favourite animal...有冇人可以幫我作篇講稿呀..

大約要講2mins...中三程度ge eng生字就夠喇@@"


急用>< thx呀!!

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    寫speech最緊要係interesting. 所以一定要有好精彩既introduction... 要配合說出者的語氣.. 感動聽者.. 演講與寫作不同, 句子結構不能太花巧, 不能太長... 亦不能句句太短.. 請參考以下:

    The thief approaches with a knife in his hand. He shouts and forces the fragile old man to surrender his wallet, his money. The thief knocks him down with a fercious blow. A pair of blue eyes looks on as this cruelity unfolds. In a blink of an eye, the thief faces a new foe, and the old man finds his dearest friend. This foe has no verbal language the thief could understand, nonetheless, the pair of blue eyes and the body language makes no mistake of what this new foe demands --- Get away from the old man! And the thief gives in and runs. This pair of blue eyes belongs to an angelic whitish Austrian Husky, companion of this old man. The story we just heard are just the tip of the iceberg of what they can do for us. I believed their kind are rightfully known as Mans best friends!

    My favourite animal is the dog. They give us joy when we become sad. They give us companionship when we are alone. They give us security when we are vulnerable. They give us guidance when all lights go out. What do we give them in return? (pause to wait for answer from audience, if not wait 5 seconds) Shame must be upon you when you say we give them food, and that is all they need. I give my dog my love. I give my dog my care. I give my dog my time. For all my dog can do for me, this is the least I can do for [her]. And believe me, I have no trouble with my pronoun. She is her! She had become a part of my family, a little sister of mine; or I am a little sister of hers.

    My favourite animal is the dog. That may not be enitrely accurate.

    My favourite animal is MY dog!

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