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Tak Shing 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

677天:CHANCE FOR CHANGE 標題怎譯?及文中問字解?

A bitterly 難堪地 divided 被分裂的 America has started voting 投票 in crucial (crucial 怎解?) elections widely seen as a referendum 公民投票 on President George Bush’s decision to take 帶領 the country to war in Iraq 伊拉克.


At stake (At stake 有無抄錯,怎解?) is the control of Congress where Bush’s Republican Party 共和黨 now has a majority (a majority 怎解?). Polls 撰票 show Bush’s unpopularity 無人望 has boosted 提升 the chances of the Democrats 民主黨員

更新 2:

retaking 奪回 one or both houses (both house 是否指上下議院?) of Congress 國會 but many races (races 怎解?) are still too close to call (too close to call 怎解?).

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2 個解答

  • Icarus
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Chance for change作標題可譯作轉變的機會。

    crucial 重要

    At stake 解作危急關頭

    majority 大多數

    Both houses 解参衆兩院 (Senate and House of representatives)

    many races are still too closee to call 解有很多區的投票情况競爭激烈,現時判斷誰勝誰負屬言之尚早。Races 這裏是解候選人之間的競逐;too close to call 解雙方差距很少,不能判斷誰勝誰負。

    P.S. Bitterly divided 這裏是解極度分化的

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  • ma
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    chance for change 改變的機會

    bitterly divided 非常分立(bitterly = extremely)

    crucial 重要的(crucial = very important = critical)

    at stake 關鍵

    a majority 佔大半數,過半數的議席(相反為a minority)

    polls 投票結果

    unpopularity 低民望

    both houses (=Senate + Congress)

    races 選舉競賽 (=election races)

    too close 太接近

    to call 去預計(得勝者)

    CBS calls Hillary Clinton to be the winner of the Senate race in New York state.


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