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urgent : 填j想讀護士一問






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  • 1 十年前

    nearly very department in the hospital hv to face wounds, other than community which promote health service or to give vaccination. coz the most important job for health care staff is to keep away from infection. this is the principle in HK's hospital.

    i hv heard of many ppl saying that they want to hekp ppl b4 they choose to study, but there a a proportion of them which were disappointed.

    it is really good to hear from someone whose consideration of choosing subject is to help ppl.

    if u really want to figure what the real working environment is in the hospital, the most convenient way to hv contact with that situation is to join community volunteer servive to visit the hospital to hv a look.

    & b4 u add nursing into the Band A choices, ask yourself :

    a) do u want to seem this as your lifelong work?( coz many ppl quit after several yrs, really a waste of sourse required to train them to be professional in the university)

    b) can u overcome the workload of being a nurse? u know the ratio of health care staff to patient is very high in HK, & u hv to work in shift, every wk u hv 1 day of working day shift with overnight shift(this shift is counted as the day after, so called as a sleeping day)

    c) a u be ready to face challenges? as there a many placements within the 4 yrs study, u hv to pay all your holiday. so aomeone would think thet the investment is not worth as they hv to pay for 4 yrs' fee & all placement relating to hospital sevrive are of no pay.

    if your ans are all "yes", than choose it, c u in hospital inthe very soon future.

  • 1 十年前