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What is psychosocial functioning.

Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of "psychosocial functioning"? Please give me some examples. Is it relevant to depression, stress and anxiety? Thanks.

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    Psychosocial refers to one's psychological development in the context of a social environment. It was first commonly used by psychologist Erik Erikson in his stages of social development. Contrasted with social psychology, which attempts to explain social patterns of behavior in a general sense, the term "psychosocial" can be used to describe the unique internal processes that occur within the individual. It is usually used in the context of "psychosocial intervention," which is commonly used alongside psychoeducational or psychopharmacological interventions.

    In a simpler way, it means that the way of a person to communicate, co-operate and interact with other people, including the characters, emotions etc. it may related to depression, stress and anxiety, because these can affect to person ability to interact with others, and the psychosocial functioning will decrease. (i.e. not likely to interact with others)

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    I think the possible answer will be rather relative to the body or phycology

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